UPS PE Systems Engineer in Atlanta, Georgia

Job Summary

The Plant Engineering (PE) Support Engineer develops, designs, tests, integrates, and deploys system software and hardware solutions. He/She is responsible for designing and implementing solutions to protect, standardize, and improve existing real time Plant Engineering (PE) Systems. This position provides field support and conducts site visits to evaluate performance, review installations, and provide project support. The PE Support Engineer oversees consultants, vendors, interns, college co-ops, and technical writers. He/She must be able to travel and have a flexible travel schedule.

The PE Support Engineer tests applications to ensure designs meet requirements, business needs, and determine the most effective solutions. He/She manages project lifecycles, including project scope, resources, schedule, initiation, start-up/design, building, and deployment to see projects from beginning-to-end. This position works on site with vendors, consultants, electrical and mechanical contractors and local cross-functional staff to successfully meet the project objectives with regards to system functionality, system performance, and system reliability. The PE Support Engineer uses technical knowledge, experience, and reference materials (e.g., websites, manuals, books, etc.) to design and develop optimal solutions that work in accordance with the overall system business requirements. He/She handles calls from the district to respond to internal customers’ software/hardware problems and/or requests.

Other Duties

  • Identifies issues that need to be resolved by engineers or application developers to promptly address problems.

  • Communicates with management team to provide updates and ensure trouble-free implementation of solutions.

  • Gathers data from tested solutions to compare to benchmarking data and ensure effectiveness.

  • Performs field certification to ensure installed solutions meet customers’ and the Corporate PE Advanced Technology group’s installation standards.

  • Supervises consultants and vendors for workstation, server and embedded system program development for complex control systems.

  • Follows up with assigned resources formally (e.g., status meetings, etc.) and informally to continuously manage the productivity of the team, project timelines, and deliverables.

  • Provides field support for integration of systems whenever necessary.

  • Coordinates with Corporate P.E. Systems group, ATC groups and/or vendors and consultants to determine project requirements from overall system designs to obtain appropriate solutions (e.g., software, hardware, processes, etc.).

  • Collaborates with team members to determine project requirements from overall system designs and to obtain appropriate solutions (e.g., software, hardware, processes, etc.).

  • Attends design reviews meetings with internal and external team members to identify for business needs and system requirements.

Preferred Competencies

  • Applies Database Knowledge: Demonstrates basic knowledge of database design principles; identifies users’ requirements and needs with guidance from others; demonstrates a basic understanding of the importance of maintaining and updating databases.

  • Applies Information Systems Knowledge: Demonstrates an understanding of the basic need for technical support in a business; demonstrates awareness of the primary uses of technology by business representatives, demonstrates a basic understanding of the systems of the enterprise.

  • Applies IT Security Knowledge: Demonstrates awareness of basic practices and standards in securing databases and computer platforms; shows understanding of potential security issues and concerns; assists in the implementation of security policies and procedures, including user log-on and authentication rules, as well as security breach escalation procedures; prepares status reports on security matters to aid in the development of security risk analysis scenarios and response procedures.

  • Conducts Research: Identifies the business problem that requires research; identifies sources of information that are relevant to a problem; reviews literature and data related to the research question; summarizes information from data sources.

  • Designs/Develops Integrated Solutions to Business Problems: Demonstrates a basic understanding of a business problem; recommends a solution to solve the business problem.

  • Project Management: Demonstrates understanding of implementation objectives, project plan, and one's role within a project; participates in the implementation of a project; provides timely, thorough, and concise updates for area of responsibility; identifies areas of risk and properly communicates them to the project manager.

  • Project Planning: Demonstrates an understanding of basic project planning processes, including planning action items and resources.

  • Quality Assurance Knowledge: Communicates quality assurance methodology and explains desired outcomes of testing; identifies the steps in the project life cycle.

  • Technical Writing: Demonstrates a general understanding and use of grammatical rules; expresses ideas clearly and concisely; explains the relationship of effective writing to business objectives.

  • Technology Implementation: Able to communicate designed and developed technology solutions and their desired outcome in general terms; expresses the importance of an effective implementation; develops implementation plans.

  • Vendor/Supplier Management: Identifies internal customers’ needs and vendors to meet those needs; determines costs and benefits to UPS for vendors’ products, commodities, or services; creates bid proposals for vendor solicitation; analyzes vendor responses and develops recommendations for award.


  • Bachelor’s degree (or internationally comparable degree) - Computer Science, Electrical Engineering – Preferred

  • Experience with system communications protocols (TCP/IP, UDP IP, HTTP, FTP, SFTP, USB, MODBUS TCP, RS 232/485, XMPP) – Preferred

  • Experience using Delphi, Free Pascal, C, C++, Visual C, Java, Java Script, SQL – Preferred

  • Experience with Systems Integration of Material Handling Systems (CCD cameras, laser scanners, programmable logic controllers, embedded control devices, and other peripherals) - Preferred

  • Knowledge of system security techniques and standards – Preferred

  • Experience supervising others - Preferred

UPS is an equal opportunity employer – race/color/religion/sex/national origin/veteran/disability/sexual orientation/gender identity


Category: Industrial Engineering, Plant Engineering

Requisition Number: 124810

Location: Atlanta,Georgia