UPS Global Freight Forwarding - Inside Sales Representative in Mississauga, Ontario

Global Freight Forwarding – ISR

Job Summary

The Freight Sales Representative (FSR) is responsible for promoting and initiating sales revenue for defined sales territories. He/She works directly with Inside Sales Representatives (ISRs) to explore freight sales leads and identify freight opportunities. The FSR is responsible for prioritizing opportunities, positioning accounts with pricing alternatives, and following up with clients to ensure shipments occur as scheduled. He/She reviews reported sales and lead progress reports and communicates directly with Freight Sales Leads/Coaches and ISRs to provide sales updates.

Job Duties

Conducts Freight Sales Calls for BD Freight Sales

  • Contacts ISRs to obtain sales lead information (e.g., contact information, shipping needs, etc.).

  • Collaborates with ISRs to develop account strategies and opening statements.

  • Utilizes selling techniques (e.g., SPIN selling, etc.) to determine customers' freight shipping needs and effectively position solutions.

  • Updates lead status in freight leads database to maintain an accurate account history.

  • Asks ISRs to update sales funnel progress in Total Enterprise Account Management System (TEAMS) to minimize terminology confusion between programs.

  • Coaches ISRs to ensure they have a firm knowledge of freight products and services. Prepares Cost Analysis for Freight Accounts

  • Solicits competitor information (e.g., invoices, etc.) from customers to develop accurate cost analyses.

  • Prepares cost analysis and worksheets from at to illustrate the value of freight products and services to customers.

  • Presents cost analysis to customers to gain approval for products and services offered. Develops Freight Pricing

  • Submits Customer Pricing Request (CPR) into UPS Freight (UPSF) system to generate pricing requests and establish accounts.

  • Reviews pricing requests to ensure accuracy.

  • Submits CPRs to UPS Freight pricing department to generate approvals (i.e., Statement of Agreed Pricing [SOAP]) and assign Account Managers.

  • Presents SOAPs to customers to obtain signatures.

  • Negotiates pricing with customers to gain freight business. Initiates Freight Accounts

  • Contacts assigned UPSF Account Managers to schedule on site visits to build business relationships and finalize paperwork.

  • Responds to questions from Account Managers to assist with pre-call work.

  • Redirects leads requiring special needs (e.g., clean freight, needs palate rates, needs larger discounts, etc.) to outside Account Managers to better serve customers and gain more business.

  • Initiates follow-up calls to customers to ensure first shipments' success and that customers are upholding contracts. Performs Freight Administrative Duties

  • Participates in Pre-Communication Meetings (PCMs) to transfer knowledge, provide updates, recognize achievements, and foster a team atmosphere.

  • Provides weekly lead progress reports to Freight Sales Leads/Coaches to ensure ISRs conduct proper lead follow-up.

  • Reviews sales documentation to prepare reports (e.g., weekly and daily sales reports, weekly funnel reports, CPRs submitted, SOAPS received, etc.).

  • Forwards reports to Freight Leads/Coaches for consolidated reports preparation to provide accurate sales status.

  • Attends weekly freight team meetings to provide best practices feedback.

Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

¨ Proficiency in MS Office (Excel, Word, PowerPoint and Outlook)

¨ Must be bilingual (Written and Verbal)

¨ Must possess a university degree/currently enrolled in a university program and/or have previous sales experience.

Preferred Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

¨ Organizational Skills

¨ Business acumen


Category: Inside Sales, Sales

Requisition Number: 040013

Location: Mississauga,Ontario