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UPS Air Ramp Specialist in Anchorage, Alaska

Job Title: Air Ramp Specialist

Department: 2DA Ramp Operations

Days: Mon - Fri Hours Per Week: 40

Commitment to Position: 2 years Hours: 2DA Operations Hours

Flex Time: Yes

Rotating Shifts: Mon-Fri; schedule change during peak season

Travel: No

Job Freeze: Yes, 2 years

Work Location: 2DA Ramp (WFF Offices, 2 nd floor East Mezzanine)

Managers: Joe Ballinger and Eddie Cato

Work Environment: Work environment will be primarily in the 2DA Day Air Ramp Operations with time spent in the office.

Job Summary: The 2da Ramp Specialist is responsible for helping to manage the day-to-day ramp and marshalling operations. S/he will help oversee the arrival, unloading, loading, departure and marshalling operations to ensure service commitments are met. This position works with front line supervisors to ensure union and non-union employees comply with UPS and regulatory agencies compliance and safety regulations. He/She collaborates with the Full-time management teams within the department in addition to assisting in the supervision of Part-Time Air Supervisors, Union employees, and Marshalling employees.

Job Description:

  • Observes and corrects unsafe work methods and behaviors (e.g., moving containers, driving tugs, walk paths, etc.) to ensure a safe work environment.

  • Identifies and corrects unsafe usage of equipment (e.g., crew stairs, air starts, ground starts for ground power units, etc.) to ensure a safe work environment.

  • Provides recurrent training to employees (e.g., job methods, etc.) to ensure safety awareness and injury prevention.

  • Audits and inspects equipment nightly to ensure it is working properly and to prevent injury.

  • Generates the Equipment Condition report to ensure Plant Engineering is aware of equipment needing repair.

  • Oversees aircraft marshalling (i.e., guiding aircraft on the ground to the gate using hand signals and hand-held beacons at night) for inbound and outbound flights to verify correct ramp positions and ensure service commitments are achieved.

  • Monitors resources (e.g., hourly employees, equipment, etc.) when marshalling inbound and outbound flights to ensure timey flight arrivals and departures.

  • Monitors communication (i.e., hub radio) with dispatchers to ensure the outbound freight is loaded onto the correct aircraft and to share operation data for customer service commitments.

  • Follows up with Plant Engineering management on equipment repairs to ensure sufficient equipment for each operation.

  • Reviews the Air Surface Management System (ASMS) to determine aircraft parking location.

  • Audits the time reporting system (i.e., Personal Time Reporting System [PTRS]) to ensure timecards are coded, expensed, and approved correctly.

  • Trains Part-Time Supervisors on approving timecards to prevent payroll adjustments.

  • Follows up with Payroll when discrepancies exist to ensure employees are properly paid.

  • Determines employees’ training needs to produce continuous development plans.

  • Provides on-going feedback and support to improve performance.

  • Conducts performance evaluations in a consistent, fair, and objective manner to encourage continuous performance improvement.

  • Holds others accountable to established performance levels to achieve individual and group goals.

  • Resolves individual and group performance issues in accordance with UPS’s policies and procedures in a timely manner to motivate and foster teamwork.

  • Reviews and analyzes operational data to identify areas of success and areas requiring improvement.

  • Collaborates with others to troubleshoot operational and service inefficiencies and create processes for improved safety and performance.

  • Researches Air Hub, Computerized Operation Monitoring Planning and Scheduling System (COMPASS), and Load Handling systems to determine the root cause of service delays and ensure corrective actions occur.

  • Plans daily container shift and marshalling activities to ensure compliance with UPS and regulatory agencies’ regulations.

  • Evaluates people resources (e.g., part time supervisors, employees, etc.) to ensure volume demands of the business are met and to determine discrepancies.

  • Haz-mat certification will be required as this position will oversee the hourly responders that support the operation.

Required Skills: Demonstrates a basic understanding of common tools, equipment, technology and procedures used in air operations; explains proper techniques and procedures for processing aircraft. Captures/documents specific and accurate information; learns subjects thoroughly and in detail; completes work with thoroughness; supplies appropriate details when requested; maintains organized files. Demonstrates basic knowledge of injury and crash prevention techniques; demonstrates a basic understanding of job methods; identifies root causes of injuries and auto crashes; recognizes and reports unsafe working conditions. Demonstrates a basic understanding of human factors and ergonomics applications; identifies relevant human factors and ergonomics research; explains, in general terms, the importance of ergonomically sound equipment or interfaces. Applies established procedures for responding to incidents; determines and documents information pertinent to incidents; communicates resolutions or results to stakeholders. Understands basic labor principles and practices; recognizes the importance of positive relationships with unionized employees; identifies unionized employees’ basic concerns. Applies knowledge of agencies' functions and regulations to compliance and enforcement activities; identifies routine situations where the organization may be out of compliance as well as the specific impacts of non-compliance. Possesses ability to generate simple reports using basic functions in software, and/or writing basic queries; identifies information required to complete reports and identifies existing reports generated by others. Haz-mat certification required as this position coordinates the responders that support the ops. Must have a minimum of 5 years ramp experience. Minimum three years of supervisor experience in operations required. Working knowledge of Microsift Excel, Word and PowerPoint.

Interpersonal Skills: This position will work with Front Line Supervisors and hourly employees - both Union and Non-Union. The person that fills this position needs to have strong written and verbal communication skills. They should be organized and good at making decisions in a fast paced environment. Conflict resolution skills are also extremely important and a good understanding of the operation is a must.

UPS is an equal opportunity employer. UPS does not discriminate on the basis of race/color/religion/sex/national origin/veteran/disability/age/sexual orientation/gender identity or any other characteristic protected by law


Category: Aircraft

Requisition Number: 264799

Location: Anchorage,Alaska