UPS Air Freight Employee (evening) in Eindhoven, Netherlands

Packages, packages and even more packages! That’s what UPS is all about. We are looking for new colleagues to work in our shed. Lots of companies just call it shed employee, however, we call it Reloader. To us, you are an important ‘spider in our web’. Loading, unloading, sorting, splitting, scanning, lifting, pushing and pulling. It sounds easy, but we challenge you! Your working hours are from 18:00h till 22:00h in the evening, and sometimes a little over. Extra hours though!

What do you do on a daily basis?

-At 18:00h you start your shift together with your colleagues from the Air Freight team. This means you are working in a secured environment. In this function you will be trained and qualified to process packages and recognize suspicious cases.

-While sorting packages you need to watch carefully which package needs to be delivered in which area, so it ends up in the supposed van or truck.

-Besides, it is important that you set apart packages with ‘additional service’ (early delivery or dangerous goods) and handle them they way you have been trained.

-All packages that go through your hands, end up directly in the plane. It is therefore of great importance to treat these packages with outmost care.

What do we need you to do?

-You are available for at least for nights a week between 17:30h and 22:00 h.

-Providing service is important to you and you have a great sense of responsibility.

-Time pressure? You are able to handle this well and it only makes you perform better.

-Besides, you are able to hand in a closed resume over the past 5 years and a Certificate of Conduct.

-Besides Jean-Paul, your manager, who speaks quite some languages, your colleagues are from different nationalities. We expect you to speak at least Dutch and English.


Category: Package Handling, Inside Manual

Requisition Number: 045372

Location: Eindhoven,Netherlands