UPS Dock Agent (M/F) in Fontenay-Trésigny, France

Position Summary

The Dock Agent is responsible for loading, scanning, sorting and unloading packages of merchandise. These tasks require the Dock Agent to be highly adaptable and to develop versatility.

He or she carries out all tasks in accordance with the company’s operating methods and Quality and Values Initiatives.

Depending on the size of the Center, the dock agent might carry out all or some of the tasks listed below. For some positions, administrative tasks may play the most significant role.

Key Accountabilities

• Prepare his or her work zone with suitable equipment in accordance with current rules


• Apply the established unloading methods using the tools provided

• Unload incoming packages manually or using a machine

• Maintain a regular flow of packages while on duty

Scanning and Sorting Packages

• Unload the bags containing small packages

• Scan each package using the correct equipment

• Sort packages according to the defined processes then store them in the areas provided according to categories

• Fill out documentation or record and validate information on the appropriate media

• Fill bags for outgoing envelopes or small packages (evening)


• Load the packages in the transport vehicle in accordance with current internal processes

• Comply with the loading document


• Pre-load the packages according to an established plan: according to type and department

Quality, Health & Safety

• At the end of the operation, clean the dock and the empty trailers for the internal shuttles

• Follow and apply the health and safety rules (“Movement & Posture” in particular) put in place within the company

• Check, clean and take care of the materials and equipment provided to him or her

• Contribute to compliance with the Quality standards

• Report any malfunctions to the supervisor

Other Job Requirements

• Load-handling qualification

• Trained in Movement & Posture

• Knowledge of the package-handling principle

• Able to read and proficiency in the 4 basic math operations (+, -, x, ÷)

• Flexibility - Versatility

• Diligence

• Energetic

• Attention to customer service

• Able to express misunderstandings

Education and Work Experience

Elementary diploma level


Category: Operations

Requisition Number: 047726

Location: Fontenay-Trésigny,France