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UPS Work Measurement Supervisor in Hung Hom, Hong Kong

The Work Measurement Supervisor is responsible for developing work methods and measurements for the UPS Capital Asia Operations. He/She analyzes new technology to determine utilization potential within UPS Operations. This position designs work measurement application tools and training materials to support Industrial Engineering (IE) management in developing operational plans.

Designs Work Methods and Guidelines

  • Visits operations/staff locations to observe current work methods and identify areas to optimize productivity.

  • Simulates components of operations/staff positions by working the position to understand the process (e.g., package car drivers, etc.) to understand each step in the process.

  • Analyzes job set-up observation notes to develop work measurements and work method updates.

  • Works with Work Measurement Staff Managers to review work measurement documentation and ensure each work method component is aligned with a measurement.

Develops Work Measurements

  • Conducts master standard data analyses to measure the need to perform work methods for new IE technology and equipment.

  • Works with package car drivers to create time allowances for each step in work methods.

  • Publishes measurement manuals on the internal web site (i.e., iGate) to provide IE management with fair and consistent performance expectations.

Creates Work Methods and Measurement Application Tools

  • Develops standard calculation worksheets to capture work measurements and assist operations/staff management in planning production numbers.

  • Collaborates with software developers to identify measurement system (e.g., measurement output module, etc.) specifications.

  • Addresses work methods and measurement questions to ensure IE management understands calculation worksheets and system applications.

Communicates Work Methods and Measurements

  • Posts work methods and measurements on the internal web site to update standard practice manuals.

  • Writes work measurement change notices and pre-work communication meeting documents to inform the IE group of updates published on the internal web site.

  • Participates in meetings with Distribution management to address work methods and measurement questions.

  • Creates training materials to assist IE management in developing individual unit-based work measurements.

Requirements & Qualifications

  • Degree holder in Engineering or related discipline.

  • At least 3 years working related working experience in either IE, PE, or related Engineering field.

  • With small package or supply chain and IT knowledge is an advantage.

Interested party please send your application letter with your resume to Harry LEE, UPS Capital Asia Human Resources at .


Category: Mechanics and Engineering, Engineering

Requisition Number: 059786

Location: Hung Hom,HKG