UPS Customs Brokerage Rep 1 in Mississauga, Ontario

Position Summary:

To process customs clearance (release) AND/OR confirm declarations for repetitive and non-complex shipments guided by the CCBS system and personal skills.

Client (Internal/External):

Import operations, Support Services, Consulting, Inbound services, Sales, etc, and all customs clients and partners

Specific output or services:

  • Customs release AND/OR confirm declarations for repetitive and non-complex shipments using client' profile in CCBS system (creates or modifies line code/classification)

  • Handle delivery service AND/OR import permits requests if required AND/OR gather and send proper documentation to the government

Job Key Contributions/Task:

  • Data entry (open customers' files, validate information, credit and invoicing)

  • Collect supplementary information or documentation from customers, drivers, custom and other offices, etc, when required

  • Identify customer profiles discrepancies

  • Answer standard questions and requests from customers, drivers, customs and other offices

  • Work as team member with other actors: clients, UPS SCS employees, carriers, inbound agents

Job Key Success Factors/Performance Criteria:

  • Rapid and efficient support; dossiers in order, productivity in number of files prepared

  • Rapid processing time; error free in information processing

  • Follow operational guidelines

  • Cooperation and assistance with internal team members

  • Customer's satisfaction (fast, polite, courteous, no interruption, no delays)

Job Key Competencies

  • Technical skills

  • Basic knowledge in Customs operations, laws and regulations, and other government departments

  • Basic understanding of HS system, NAFTA, and permit process

  • Basic computer skills

  • Interpersonal skills

  • Communications (interpersonal); teamwork

  • Problem solving; time management

  • Professionalism; customer-focused

  • Proactive; attention to details


  • 6 months to 2 years of experience

  • High school degree

  • Bilingualism required – intermediate level (in Quebec Only)

Job Career Links

  • Previous – General Admin Assistant

  • Next – Customs Brokerage Rep II


Category: Logistics

Requisition Number: 047103

Location: Mississauga,Ontario