UPS Jobs

Job Information

UPS Sales Operations Senior Officer- Business Development – International, ISMEA – India (Mumbai) in Mumbai, India

Job Summary

The position is responsible for generating reports as requested by Business Development / Sales functions. He / She ensures report data is accurate and increases the awareness of performance to stakeholders.

Job Specific Competencies

  • Applies Information Analysis & Solution Generation Knowledge

  • Applies Problem Definition & Structuring Knowledge

  • Assesses Business Needs

  • Conducts Customer Analysis

  • Detail Orientation

  • Report Generation

  • Solicits and Gathers Information

Job Duties

Produces Sales Reports

  • Obtains data (e.g., actual versus planned elements, etc.) from the related online platforms and applications, mainframe and external sources to create reports.

  • Imports and copies data results into Microsoft Excel to present reports in an acceptable format.

  • Researches and corrects data inconsistencies to ensure data accuracy.

  • Schedules reports to ensure the execution and delivery of reports occur in a timely manner.

Coordination with overseas UPS Sales Force over telephone and email

Coordination of Sales Data Requests and Issues

  • Collaborates with Product Managers to identify information required for clarifying data inconsistencies.

  • Conducts meetings with stakeholders to discuss data findings and to obtain feedback.

  • Creates stakeholder correspondence to convey report findings.

Analyzes Sales Report Data

  • Reviews data generated from reports to identify discrepancies.

  • Ensure data integrity is not compromised.

  • Compares data from previous and current reports to anticipate questions from requestors regarding the validity of data.

  • Reviews formulas to determine data is accurately captured.

Assists in Generating Ad hoc Sales Reports

  • Collects and assimilates raw data into reporting templates to ensure report formats are user-friendly.

  • Collaborates with requestors to establish completion dates and ensure timely delivery.

  • Questions requestors on report specifications to ensure a clear understanding of desired results.

Requirements (in order of importance):

  • Excellent command over English (Mandatory)

  • Ability to work night shifts (8pm to 5am) (Mandatory)

  • Excellent numerical and analytical proficiency in MS Office, MS-Access, MS-Excel (with Macro) and MS-PowerPoint.

  • Graduate (Preferably in Business IT / Business Administration).

  • At least two years working experience in Data Management or Information Management.

  • Working knowledge of webpage designing capabilities.

  • Experienced in Express Courier / Freight Forwarding industry for more than 2 years.


Category: Business Development, Intern/Coop, Professional

Requisition Number: 059799

Location: Mumbai,India