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UPS Service Parts Logistics Supervisor II in Portland, Oregon

The Service Parts Logistics (SPL) Supervisor II ensures customer satisfaction at his/her facilities and associated agent locations. This position manages the training and development of employees to ensure compliance with UPS and regulatory processes (e.g., security, environmental, health and safety, etc.). He/She prepares account billing, billing forecasting, asset management, and employee scheduling to ensure profitable and efficient operations. This position supervises hourly employees.

The SPL Supervisor II acts as the liaison for on-site and mail-in customer audits to ensure customer requirements are followed. This position forecasts billing (e.g., manpower, supplies, etc.) based on last year's performance and presents to senior management to ensure UPS has accurate forecasting for proper billing maintenance. He/She oversees completion of monthly Comprehensive Health and Safety

Process (CHSP) meetings to ensure employees are properly trained and updated on safety issues.

Other Duties

  • Manages ongoing safety communications (e.g., weekly meetings, etc.) to track safety issues and maintain a safe work environment.

  • Conducts routine employee audits to test employees' safety knowledge.

  • Oversees SPL staff interaction with customer representatives to ensure procedures are followed and customers are satisfied.

  • Manages returns, shipments, and receipts of customer products to ensure accurate inbound and outbound processes.

Preferred Competencies

  • Assesses Business Needs: Demonstrates a general understanding of ways to identify and measure the current needs of the customer or business; uses the business need to help define the project’s requirements.

  • Designs/Develops Integrated Solutions to Business Problems: Demonstrates a basic understanding of a business problem; recommends a solution to solve the business problem.

  • Estimation and Forecasting Knowledge: Demonstrates a general understanding of common estimation and forecasting techniques; identifies items that require estimation; identifies relevant data sources; identifies general trends in relevant data.

  • Health and Safety Knowledge: Demonstrates basic knowledge of injury and crash prevention echniques; demonstrates a basic understanding of job methods; identifies root causes of injuries and auto crashes; recognizes and reports unsafe working conditions.

  • Legal, Regulatory, and Compliance Knowledge: Applies knowledge of agencies' functions and regulations to compliance and enforcement activities; identifies routine situations where the organization may be out of compliance as well as the specific impacts of non-compliance.

  • Project Management: Demonstrates understanding of implementation objectives, project plan, and one's role within a project; participates in the implementation of a project; provides timely, thorough, and concise updates for area of responsibility; identifies areas of risk and properly communicates them to the project manager.

  • Report Generation: Possesses ability to generate simple reports using basic functions in software, and/or writing basic queries; identifies information required to complete reports and identifies existing reports generated by others.

  • Solves Customer Problems: Identifies business areas and stakeholders impacted by customer issues; engages appropriate resources to resolve customer issues; identifies root causes to ensure problems do not recur; stays motivated despite difficult circumstances or setbacks.

  • Supply Chain Management: Demonstrates a detailed understanding of supply chain concepts; makes recommendations for changes to solve supply chain problems.

  • Vendor/Supplier Management: Demonstrates a broad understanding of UPS and vendor business needs and goals; reviews and recommends appropriate vendors based on business needs to internal stakeholders; provides input into the creation of vendor contracts or agreements; communicates expectations to vendors.

UPS is an equal opportunity employer. UPS does not discriminate on the basis of race/color/religion/sex/national origin/veteran/disability/age/sexual orientation/gender identity or any other characteristic protected by law


Category: Full Time, Operations

Requisition Number: 255442

Location: Portland,Oregon