UPS Center Supervisor (M/F) in Saint-Jean-de-la-Ruelle, France


Job Description

The Site Manager coordinates, leads and manages all teams at the Site. He or she is responsible for operations, organization, optimization of services sold to clients and for the Site's Operating Processes. The Site Manager's continuous goals are client satisfaction. These tasks are carried out in accordance with the company's operating methods and Quality and Values Initiatives.



• Manage and motivate teams based on the strategy developed by the Group

• Draw up the organizational and operational flow chart for the Site

• Regularly recruit, evaluate and train team members

• Organize, coordinate and monitor the team's activity, while optimizing human and technical resources

• Regularly communicate with teams and distribute information relating to the Group (Process and Strategy)

• Serve as a liaison with the Employee Representative Bodies

• Lead and unite the teams


• In association with supervisors, take part in launches for new activities

• Provide information about the new processes and train teams

• Ensure compliance with regulations applicable to our activities (safety, training, working hours, interims, etc.)

• Analyze the specifications and ensure that the Operational Managers and/or Operating Manager carry out the services, in compliance with client requirements

• Ensure that the activity is properly completed by scheduling and implementing controls

• Assist with the internal audit procedure, draw up and then monitor the resulting action plans


• Put forward the site's annual operating budget

• Manage, monitor and control the Site's budget consolidated by the supervisor

• Analyze the operating account issued by the Head Office to identify and correct any discrepancies in relation to the objectives

• Ensure that invoices for the activity under his or her responsibility are approved


• Supervise client relations in collaboration with the sales departments and the technical teams, in order to maintain quality services

• Prepare for and lead client meetings

• Validate or suggest the guidelines for improving services

• Pass on to supervisors any information relating to sales, economics or the competition that could influence sales activities


• Develop and monitor the scorecards associated with his or her activity

• Regularly report back to the supervisor

• Provide regular and frequent reports to the supervisors and to the Administrative and Financial Management

• Ensure that all reports are drawn up on time

• Notify supervisors of any malfunctions and inform the team of any corrective action

• Track/report any malfunctions and put the corrective actions in place


• Take part in the meetings for coordination of prevention activities in terms of Quality, Health and Safety

• Follow and enforce the Quality, Health and Safety rules implemented within the company

• Explain the Quality Policy and assist in the deployment of the Quality objectives

• Ensure that the application of operating methods and work instructions and procedures is compliant

• Identify and evaluate the local work-related risks and take appropriate measures

• Put together the Site's “Health & Safety” library, according to the risks identified


• Carry out any one-time tasks assigned by the Supervisor

Other Job Requirements

Proficiency in management

Proficiency in inventory methods

MS Office


Financial analysis

Proficiency in storage methods


Decision making

Conflict management




Logical reasoning

Business sense

Inter-personal - Communication skills

Ability to work independently

Level of Education and professional experience

Bac (high school diploma) + 2 / experienced self-learner


Category: Driver, Driver Non-CDL, Package Operations

Requisition Number: 042518

Location: Saint-Jean-de-la-Ruelle,France