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UPS Operations Manager in San Leandro, California

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This position leads operations and support functions in maintaining alignment with the four basic perspectives of the balanced scorecard (i.e., financial, people, customer, and internal business processes). The incumbent ensures effective facility operation including staffing, tracking, communicating production numbers, long/short-term planning, compliance with UPS regulatory policies, knowledge and compliance with U.S. Postal Service (USPS) regulations, maintaining customer service, controlling the facility profit/loss, and developing the management staff. This role manages mail receiving, processing, sorting, and shipping operations. The incumbent coordinates facility administrative activities and manages services provided to Mail Innovations (MI) customers. This position manages Operations supervisors, Office supervisors, part-time supervisors, Operations Specialists, and Billing Specialists.

This position oversees and monitors production to ensure productivity goals (e.g., cost per piece, overtime, missorts, etc.) are achieved. The incumbent monitors postage costs, revenue, and postage options (e.g., irregulars converted to non-flat, etc.) to reduce costs and increase profitability. This role conducts daily communications with supervisors on missorts to reduce service failures. This position provides prompt and timely responses to customer issues (e.g., billing issues, new account implementation problems, etc.) to maintain positive relationships and ensure customer satisfaction. This role oversees scheduled compliance training to ensure adherence with UPS Safety and Occupational Safety and Health Administration requirements.


  • Reconciles financial accrual reporting on transportation and labor to identify required adjustments (e.g., staffing to volume plan, reduced overtime, etc.) for meeting financial objectives

  • Implements and maintains Quality Control (QC) programs to ensure employees are aware of QC procedures for reducing service failures (e.g., mis-keys, incorrect label placement, missorts, etc.)

  • Communicates performance expectations to vendors to correct performance deficiencies

  • Assists in developing operational goals, production standards, and plans to improve work processes and increase productivity and efficiencies

  • Maintains daily communications with staffing agencies to address fulfillment issues, communicate company standards, and discuss expectations

  • Manages resources and people processes (e.g., Quality Performance Review [QPR], Career Development, Training, Staffing, etc.) to ensure the day-to-day administration of processes and formal procedures

  • Performs audits of operational processes and performance to ensure service levels are maintained and to identify areas of improvement

  • Maintains proper documentation of facility requirements (e.g., facility inspection spreadsheets, evacuation drills and participants, quarterly alarm tests, etc.) to ensure compliance with corporate and governmental procedures


  • Tracks expenditures against financial targets; describes impact of area’s budget on organizational financial plan

  • Develops plans that balance details and the “big picture”; adapts the level of detail required for a given audience and the purpose; completes work with thoroughness; maintains records and information in an organized manner; audits available information for inconsistencies; maintains documentation that support the completion of work and retention of details/decisions

  • Demonstrates knowledge of injury/crash prevention techniques and job methods; analyzes injury/crash trends, behavioral observation data and audit results; creates, executes and validates effective prevention strategies; creates an environment where employees want to be engaged in the safety process

  • Applies knowledge of agencies' functions and regulations to compliance and enforcement activities; identifies routine situations where the organization may be out of compliance as well as the specific impacts of non-compliance

  • Demonstrates knowledge of techniques for soliciting and gathering information; identifies sources of information

  • Understands supply chain concepts and makes recommendations for changes to solve supply chain problems

  • Demonstrates an understanding of UPS and vendor business needs and goals; reviews and recommends vendors based on business needs to internal stakeholders; provides input into the creation of vendor contracts/agreements and communicates expectations to vendors

  • Bachelor’s Degree (or internationally comparable degree) in Operations Management, IS, Logistics Management, Business Administration or related field

  • Experience in Logistics/Distribution environment

UPS is an equal opportunity employer. UPS does not discriminate on the basis of race/color/religion/sex/national origin/veteran/disability/age/sexual orientation/gender identity or any other characteristic protected by law


Category: Operations

Requisition Number: 315124

Location: San Leandro,California