UPS APAC Healthcare Strategy Manager in Singapore, Singapore


The Strategy Manager conducts research and analysis in their areas of responsibility to understand the market situation, its competitive landscape, customer needs, and UPS capabilities.

He/She develops an understanding of UPS offerings and capabilities and external factors which impact UPS strategies. He/she is expected to develop in-depth understanding of at least one healthcare-specific product and have responsibility for its growth in the region.

The Manager conducts detailed MCCU (Market, Competitor, Customer, and UPS) assessments. In addition to the business unit(s) and/or functional strategies, he/she supports the monitoring of key strategic initiatives.

He/She supports Healthcare initiative(s) in the region.


Performs Market Analysis

  • Researches UPS’s internal offerings and capabilities and their position relative to key competitors in the respective markets to identify strengths and weaknesses.

  • Assesses the primary external factors and how they will affect UPS’s ability to reach designated goals.

  • Analyzes and forecasts future key competitor actions to understand future competitive challenges.

Manages Projects

  • Manages project lifecycles, including project scope, resources, schedule, initiation, start-up/design, building, and deployment to see projects from beginning-to-end.

  • Forwards project documents to stakeholders to obtain sign-off, agreement on project cost, and needed resources.

  • Develops project plans (i.e., detailed plan, milestones, and work breakdown structures) and assigns tasks to resources to ensure that the project will be completed on time and according to specifications.

  • Ensures affected functions or groups are identified and works with them to negotiate process changes, ownership of processes, and to manage project impact.

  • Designs and implements communication plans to ensure those affected by projects are informed and updated.

  • Follows up with assigned resources formally (e.g., status meetings, etc.) and informally to continuously manage the productivity of the team, project timelines, and deliverables.

  • Balances multiple projects and deployment schedules to meet stakeholder goals and expectations.

Supports the development of organic and inorganic growth strategies

  • Completes tasks used to develop growth strategies that are aligned with UPS’s key areas of strategic investment.

Product Management

  • Manage product portfolio covering new product launches and enhancing current product and service offerings

  • Manage product performance in the following aspects: Gross revenue growth, year-on-year volume increase

  • Source for, and maintain a portfolio of packaging solutions suitable for Temperature controlled transportation

  • Perform market intelligence assessment, including market and opportunity sizing

  • Formulate, develop and conduct appropriate training programs with communication support tools within the APAC region to support growth commitments.

  • Publish regular reports on Product’s financial performance, and provide industry-related updates and insights through the publication of a newsletter for the region

Provides internal and external support

  • Collaborates with Control tower and (freight) solutions team to ensure the appropriate solution is provided for each customer

  • Supports Business Development by providing subject matter expertise to give customers the most appropriate solutions for Shipping (Temperature controlled) products

  • Coordinate and collaborate with other functions to ensure product quality excellence is in line with product and customer expectations.

  • Conducts product training for other UPS functions as necessary

Competitive Intelligence

  • Keeps up-to-date and periodically conducts competitive assessment of the temperature sensitive market for Healthcare

  • Publish competitive updates on market trends in Temperature sensitive freight, and key industry trends

Competencies related to the job

  • Information Analysis . Ability to apply information analysis principles, manage large amounts of data to draw appropriate conclusions and define Solutions options supporting decision-making.

  • Business Acumen. Ability to assess current and future business needs balanced with project direction and capabilities to make recommendations for the solutions-design phase of project(s)

  • Business, Financial and Industry Knowledge. Understand critical aspects of business models and operating structures to make relevant supply chain recommendations

  • Conducts Environmental Scanning. Monitor regulations and technologies and their potential impact on the ways transportation and logistics companies serve customers in the segment.

  • Develops Situational Assessments. Establish & maintain a comprehensive marketplace assessment of customers, competitors & other relevant market factors. Articulates and prioritizes implications, opportunities and strategy issues faced. Demonstrates understanding of, documents and articulates key levers that drive customer value at the healthcare sub-segment level or which are detrimental to the relationship. Quantifies the economic value created/lost in positive, negative and/pr neutral customer interactions.

  • Negotiation. Demonstrate ability to use negotiation techniques within a team.

  • Project Management. Develop and execute project management plans for moderately complex and medium duration projects. Defines most of the initiatives project needs and cross-functional roles/responsibilities throughout the project life cycle. Develops recommendations on best way to fulfill the project requirements given the current project and organizational dynamics. Overcomes basic organizational resistance to cross-functional demands. Demonstrates the ability to successfully apply the project management discipline and remains current on project management practices and tools.


  • Bachelor's Degree in Business or Healthcare related field

  • Minimum 5 years of working experience in Supply Chain or Healthcare industry

  • Knowledge of Temperature Controlled Healthcare transportation

  • Possess analytical skills – quantitative and qualitative

  • Experience in a Regional role within the APAC region

  • Excellent time management skills in a fast-paced environment with the ability to work efficiently while meeting tight deadlines

  • Demonstrated ability to work cross functionally, with clients, and with various levels of management

  • Ability to work both independently and in a team-oriented environment

  • Ability to articulate ideas clearly in both oral and written communication


Category: Contract Logistics

Requisition Number: 049142

Location: Singapore,Singapore