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Job Information

UPS Senior Officer – Technology Service Group in Singapore, Singapore

Job Summary

The Technician provides quality technical customer support through efficient asset management, timely problem resolution, comprehensive training on new rollouts, and innovative solutions that add value, reduce cost, save time, and increase productivity. He or she provides knowledgeable support of UPS systems to resolve problems quickly and accurately. This position reports to theTechnology Service Group (TSG) Supervisor and has to work flexible hours.

Job Duties

Responds to Customer Service Requests

  • Plans daily schedule and updates notes for all service requests

  • Responds to customer service requests within the Service Level Agreement (SLA) timeframe by asking the customer questions to determine the technical service issue (i.e., software or hardware related) and uphold confidence in TSG.

  • Communicates with customers by phone to discuss identified problems or concerns and resolve the issues (e.g. hardware or software malfunction, user error, etc.).

  • Researches identified issues by asking questions, reviewing internet data sites, and / or internal websites (i.e., SMC, Sharepoint docs) to identify solutions and facilitate resolution of issues.

  • Conducts site and customer visits within the district if service issue can’t be remotely resolved to troubleshoot issue and / or install or upgrade hardware and software.

  • Conducts follow-up with customers to verify issues were resolved completely.

  • Completes problem logs and work orders to avoid operational delays in resolving issues.

  • Encourages employees to contact the Help Desk before calling TSG to decrease service response time.

  • Assists in workshop setups and computer setup changes to reconfigure training and conference rooms based on internal customer needs.

Performs Hardware Technology Audits

  • Performs PC audits and analysis to verify compliance with UPS technology standards.

  • Checks Local Area Network (LAN) and Wide Area Network (WAN) activity reports from website (i.e., Concord) to determine overuse or inappropriate use of hardware.

  • Checks share drive on servers monthly to verify storage of appropriate files and ensure computer storage resources are not depleted.

  • Conducts wireless functionality checks of hardware (e.g., GSS Scanners, Bluetooth Imager, Airbeam, etc.) to ensure package delivery functions can be performed.

  • Performs server reboot audits to ensure databases are not fragmented.

  • Performs back-up data line tests (e.g., sprint data lines, routers, etc.) to ensure an alternate source for data recovery is in place in the event of system failures.

  • Conducts battery back-up tests of battery power life to ensure equipment is protected in the case of power outages.

Performs System Builds, Rebuilds, and Updates

  • Builds new PCs in accordance with UPS standards to ensure proper PC performance.

  • Installs upgrades as released and required to maintain expected system and PC functionality.

  • Moves and replaces systems as required to meet the needs of the operation.

  • Maintains and organizes district spare equipment to enable quick response to hardware problems.

  • Completes system back-ups to maintain data files in the event they are needed for restoration of data.

  • Ensures equipment spares within the building are updated, configured properly, fully functioning, and ready for the operation to replace if systems fail.

Completes Corporate Service and Upgrade Projects

  • Creates a project task lists to complete large-scale projects.

  • Gains time commitments from others (e.g., TSG Supervisors, Business Managers, office employees, etc.) and sets schedule to complete projects by the required due dates.

  • Notifies necessary TSG team members (e.g., Global TSG, TSG Supervisors, Business Managers) of the project’s progress (e.g., product builds, fixes, software downloads, etc.) to facilitate their ability to effectively plan.

  • Reads required documentation (e.g., corporate project binders, installation manuals, corporate communications, etc.) to understand and implement the project properly.

Manages Assets and Equipment Inventory

  • Logs into TSG Inventory Database to update and maintain inventory and ensure correct listing of equipment spares and equipment is completed.

  • Works with TSG Supervisor to evaluate reparability of non-functioning equipment or determine equipment disposal.

  • Checks center equipment to retrieve equipment for installation or storage and ensure most recent and functioning equipment is used.

  • Performs equipment exchange and records inventory controls to maintain proper records of equipment.

  • Organizes equipment cages and maintains supplies (e.g., power strips, LAN cables, etc.) used by operations in proper locations to enable quick equipment replacement.

  • Performs routine maintenance on equipment (i.e., Preload Assist System [PAS]) to check for damaged or missing parts and verify condition of cables and power strips.

  • Conducts regular wire audits to check wire management and proper labeling of wires.

Conducts TSG Technical Disaster Recovery Procedures

  • Maintains a local Disaster Recovery Binder (e.g., locations of critical equipment, software, recovery documentation, etc.) to provide documentation of equipment, inventory control, and ensure alternate service technicians can troubleshoot problems.

  • Completes disaster recovery drills and exercises to verify that the documented procedures work correctly.

  • Makes corrections to documentation as needed and forwards to TSG Supervisors to inform them of problems within the documentation and ensure problems are corrected.

  • Check logs (e.g. HP Dataprotect, Avamar) and ensures server critical files are backed-up daily, reducing recovery time, and decrease the technical down-time impact on the operation.

  • Ensure center critical systems (e.g., DIAD Control System [DCS]), Package Timecard Editor [PTE], etc.) are backed up routinely for disaster recovery purposes.

  • Runs windows scheduled task script to ensure end-users’ (e.g., center team members) files are backed up in case of critical technological failure and checks files’ dates to ensure back-ups were run.

  • Disassembles technical equipment to clean, provide maintenance, and ensure longer service life.

  • Keep spares (e.g., computers, scanners, etc.) in good condition (e.g., clean, working, and easily accessible) to ensure they can be used if technological disasters occur.

Demonstrates Advisory Discretion and Independent Judgment

  • Provides information to decision makers to influence decisions that impact the work group or organization.

  • Analyzes data or information to make general recommendations to others.

  • Works within the company's policies and practices to meet work group objectives.

Job Requirements

  • Possess a Diploma/Degree in IT or any relevant field of discipline

  • Minimum 1-2 years of relevant experience

  • Ability to manage multiple projects effectively

  • Good Communication Skills and Interpersonal Skills


Category: Information Technology, Professional

Requisition Number: 066972

Location: Singapore,Singapore