UPS Technology and Product Category Manager (APAC) in Singapore, Singapore

Job Summary

The Regional Marketing Manager contributes to the end-to-end planning, management and promotion of technology solutions and recruiting, managing and promoting the UPSReady Program in the Asia Pacific region.

He/She develops long-term strategies to align customer technology marketing initiatives with strategic imperatives. He/She promotes UPS Ready Provider Program marketing plans to effectively communicate the value proposition to internal and external stakeholders.

The manager identifies target audiences to optimize the impact of campaigns and initiatives. He/She maintains subject matter expertise in customer technology applications, provider offerings and marketplace activity, provides accurate and useful information, identifies trends and opportunities. He/She examines customer business processes to identify customer issues and opportunities for process improvement.

Roles & Responsibilities

  • Drives adoption and use of customer technology and UPS Ready tools amongst customers.

  • Works with internal stakeholders to identify impactful changes to the technology tools and make improvements.

  • Manages the product release process to promote new capabilities internally and externally.

  • Seeks opportunities to grow the UPS Ready program in APAC through acquiring additional providers that align with program goals, policies, and customer targets.

  • Maintains relationships with UPS Ready providers and communicates program updates and requirements.

  • Support integration and development by coordinating support for business and technical requests.

  • Serves as a liaison between compliance and certification testing and providers.

  • Promotes the value of products and services to increase UPS Ready provider adoption rate.

  • Coordinates UPS Ready provider joint marketing and sales initiatives to drive sales and revenue growth.

  • Provides solutions to UPS Ready provider problems and follow-up.

  • Collaborates with UPS Ready Corporate Office to coordinate global promotion and integration efforts.

  • Leverages performance reporting to gain understanding of business results and growth drivers.

  • Maintains an understanding of current market and industry practices to leverage existing knowledge and optimize development of customer research.

  • Conducts market visit and works with Country / District organizations or third parties to gather data on customer needs, issues and product usage patterns.

  • Participates in public events (e.g., trade shows, technology conferences, provider events) to communicate the value of customer technology solutions.

Preferred Competencies

  • Applies Information Analysis & Solution Generation Knowledge Identifies key information sources, assesses information quality, and understands and communicates limitations; relates and compares information from different sources; manages large amounts of data and appropriately applies data reduction and exploratory analysis techniques; makes logical assumptions; challenges own findings and documents process and outcomes; audits own analyses and determines their validity.

  • Applies Problem Definition and Structuring Knowledge. Adept at thoroughly defining problems and structuring analytical paths to solving them; disaggregates problems into key issues to efficiently solve them; selects efficient analytical approaches that fit the situation.

  • Applies Service, Product, and Customer Technology Knowledge Demonstrates a basic understanding of products, services, and customer facing technology solutions offered by UPS along with their features and business applications; describes general customer profiles targeted by the company.

  • Develops New Product Customer Technology: Demonstrates understanding of the phases of the New Product Customer Facing Technology Development process (e.g., concepts, evaluation, and build) and the responsibilities of each; uncovers sources of customer, segment, or competitive information and insights to support concept evaluation; investigates business practices and trends that may impact the attractiveness and viability of concepts.

  • Develops Situational Assessments: Demonstrates familiarity with the UPS market planning process; assembles and interprets components of the situational assessment; describes the primary experience levers that customers value within area of responsibility; accurately defines the various lifecycle stages of a UPS customer or prospect (e.g., conversion, penetration, retention, win-back) and company strategies targeted to each stage.

  • Finance Knowledge: Demonstrates an understanding of basic financial terminology and concepts such as cash flows, operating profit and loss, and net income; conducts financial analyses.

Job Requirements

  • Possess Bachelor degree in Marketing or related discipline

  • Minimum 5 years of work experience

  • Proven track record with 3 years of experience in vendor management, relationship sales, product management

  • Have strong project marketing skills with the ability to work with cross functional teams

  • Possess leadership qualities with experience in managing people

  • Excellent communication skills with ability to conduct presentation to senior leadership

  • Occasion travel is required

  • Digital marketing experience is an added advantage


Category: Marketing and Communication, Full-Time

Requisition Number: 047463

Location: Singapore,Singapore