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UPS Facility Security Coordinator in Malaysia


The Facility Security Coordinator ensures regulatory compliance is maintained with all applicable laws and regulations in accordance with the Aviation Security legislation and UPS Local Operating Plan (LOP) standards. He/She is also responsible for ensuring the daily operational quality of the facility’s screening process, overseeing chain of custody controls, maintaining documentation to prove compliance, and conducting self-assessments at the site.

The Facility Security Coordinator monitors the chain of custody of secure cargo through the site to ensure regulatory compliance. He/She ensures the site is compliant for authority inspections to alleviate opportunity for major findings. This position participates in site inspections performed by appropriate authority to support the regulatory inspection process. The Facility Security Coordinator maintains all Sensitive Security Information (SSI) controls for aviation security materials to ensure confidentiality of documents and procedures. He/She understands and executes site Local Operating Plan (LOP) to ensure proper procedures are followed.


  • Responsible for the implementation and maintenance of aviation security controls.

  • Ensure compliance with the requirements of aviation security controls and security requirements as stipulated in the LOP and associated regulatory legislation.

  • Implements LOP change memos and advisory circulars to ensure compliance with latest developments.

  • Maintains all requirements for aviation security document retention to ensure record retention compliance.

  • Maintains compliance manuals and facilitates trainings to include latest developments in legal requirements.

  • Responsible to ensure that access control to the Facility Designated Screening Area is robust and ensure the integrity of the Restricted Area (RA) at all times.

  • Responsible to personally supervise the acceptance procedures, documentation and management of a wide selection of Known and Unknown goods arriving for screening.

  • Carries responsibility for implementation of quality assurance controls to ensure compliance.

  • Conducts self-assessments to ensure continuous quality improvement.

  • Monitors the implementation and adherence to corrective action plans to ensure findings are mitigated.

  • Monitors screening workforce to ensure regulation and process compliance to UPS contract terms and conditions.

  • Insure the physical security of UPS buildings, vehicles and equipment prior to screening and during all operating and non-operating hours


  • Bachelor’s Degree or diploma in Criminal Justice, Security Studies, Law Enforcement Technology, or IT Security field preferred.

  • At least 2 years’ experience aviation security/security or a related field conducting investigations, conducting Risk Management assessments, and developing security awareness programs.

  • Knowledge of local Security requirements is a must. Having Custom, Legal or Regulatory knowledge is a plus.

  • Must be a self-starter and highly motivated. Must be able to travel and have flexible hours. Has the ability to work with all levels of management and hourly employees, vendors, and law enforcement is a must.

  • Must have the ability to develop and implement companywide projects and programs.

  • Requires demonstrated skills in MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, have good written, verbal, and analytical skills.

  • A minimum of 2 years’ experience in transportation/airport industry.


Category: Security, Operations, Information Technology, Full Time, Corporate, Professional

Requisition Number: 066522

Location: ,Malaysia